Top Reasons You Need to Try This Anti-Inflammatory Juice for Better Sleep

Pineapples give a sweet hint to green juices and smoothies. But, this tropical treasure is not just the ‘thing’ you add to your smoothies to make them taste delicious and fragrant. Nutritionists say that pineapples have strong anti-inflammatory power, which works great in repairing damages induced by free radicals.


You can always use 2-3 organic green apples instead of pineapple. Using pineapple is not a ‘must.’ It just tastes good and it is healthy.


We give you a juice recipe that will soothe your nerves, reduce your stress and send you right to the world of sweet dreams.


Health benefits Pineapples


  • Powerful relief from inflammatory conditions like Carpal tunnel syndrome, gout, arthritis and other the like


  • Reduced asthma attacks


  • Natural and efficient pain killer


  • Faster healing of injuries and surgery wounds


  • Better digestion after rich, meaty meals


  • Relief from throat soreness


  • Reduced blood pressure and cholesterol


  • Good sleep


Juice recipe




  • ½ small pineapple


  • 3 celery stalks


  • 1-2 Romaine lettuces


  • 1 cucumber


  • ginger (1 inch-size piece)


Juice the ingredient, and enjoy your soothing trip!

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