Top 10 Home Remedies For Trigger Finger

Stenosing tenosynovitis, or most commonly referred to as trigger finger, is a condition where one of the fingers is stuck in a bent position. The affected finger may straighten in a snap similar to a trigger being pulled and then released. This situation usually occurs when there is inflammation in the area causing space within the sheath surrounding the tendon to become narrow. To help alleviate it, there are home remedies for trigger finger pain.


Causes & Symptoms Of Trigger Finger


Causes: Rheumatoid arthritis, gout, diabetes, works which require a repetitive finger and thumb movements such as farmers, musicians and industrial workers


Symptoms: Stiffness of the finger (most common in the morning), presence of popping or clicking sensation when the finger is moved, tenderness in the palm at the base of the finger, finger in a bent position which suddenly snaps straight, finger in a bent position that you cannot straighten voluntarily, swelling, pain in finger bending or straightening.


Best 10 Home Remedies For Trigger Finger Pain


The trigger finger usually affects the thumb or middle finger, and more than one finger may be affected simultaneously. The presence of home remedies for trigger finger is a big help to alleviating different symptoms and pain caused by the condition.


1. Cherry As A Home Remedy For Trigger Finger


Consumption of cherries on a daily basis is a good home remedy for trigger finger. It contains anthocyanin which provides good anti-inflammatory properties and eases the pain brought about by the condition.


  • Simply eat a handful of cherries daily to get a good amount of anthocyanin as well as quercetin, a substance that helps prevent cancer.


Large quantities of cherries are contraindicated to people who have diabetes and obesity due to their high sugar content. It is also contraindicated to people with chronic inflammatory diseases, digestive disorders, gastric ulcers and high acidity.


2. Fish Oil Can Be Used As Home Remedy For Trigger Finger


A natural source of omega-3 fatty acids, fish oil has fats that lubricate the joints and help restore the damaged nerve tissues.


  • Take regular daily supplements of fish oil capsules as directed on the dosage label. However, it is best if you consult a skilled physician for your actual dosage based on weight. 


Fish oil is contraindicated for people with liver disease, bipolar disorder, depression, diabetes, low blood pressure, and people with an implanted defibrillator. It is also not advisable for people with weak immune systems, fish and seafood allergies.


3. Hot and Cold Fomentation For Trigger Finger Remedy


Hot and cold fomentation is a great home remedy for trigger finger too. The application of fomentation will help ease the pain caused by the condition.


  • Get 2 basins, fill one with iced cubes and water and fill the other one with warm water.


  • Soak 2 cotton cloths on each of the basins.


  • Alternately apply the iced cubed cloth and the warm water cloth until the fingers feel better.


Hot and cold therapies are not advisable for people with very sensitive skin that could not withstand the sudden change of temperature. It is also best advised against people with areas of impaired sensation


4. Frankincense essential oil Can Be Used To Treat Trigger Figner


Frankincense is a good remedy for trigger finger. It contains some compounds which have anti-inflammatory properties and helps in the treatment of inflammation and pain.


  • Get 1 tsp of frankincense essential oil.


  • Apply it on the affected finger.


  • Massage the oil on the finger for 15 minutes or so.


Frankincense essential oil is generally safe to use for most adults. However, skin irritation may happen.


5. Massage with Olive Oil or Coconut Oil


Massage oils such as olive oil or coconut oil is a great treatment for the painful finger. The massage will help the tendons get back to their original formation.


  • Slightly warm the oil before the massage to help relieve the pain.


  • Massage the warm oil on the finger in an inward out motion.


  • Repeat the procedure daily.


Olive and coconut oils are likely safe when applied to the skin. However, there might be some delayed allergic reactions that you have to be cautious of.


6. Aloe vera For Trigger Finger


Aloe vera is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It helps with the soreness and prevents skin inflammation in the trigger finger.


  • Get a fresh aloe vera and extract the gel from the leaves.


  • Rub the gel on the fingers twice or thrice a day.


Aloe vera is likely safe when applied on the skin for cosmetic and medicinal purposes.


7. White Willow


White willow is one of the most helpful home remedies for trigger finger. It provides quick relief and also reduces inflammation.


  • Get 4-5 pieces of white willow bark.


  • Add ½ tsp turmeric and ½ inch ginger.


  • Mix all ingredients to form a paste.


  • Apply the paste on the affected finger for not less than twice a day.


People who have allergies to white willow and aspirin should not use this product. People who are usually allergic to aspirin include those with asthma, kidney or liver disease, haemophilia, stomach ulcers, gout, diabetes, and hypoprothrombinemia.


8. Emu Oil For Trigger Finger


 The oil is taken from the fat of emu. It is known for its strong anti-inflammatory properties and it also has essential fatty acids that help in the treatment of trigger finger.


  • Use emu oil as a salad dressing.


  • Another option is to cook foods with the use of emu oil.


Contraindications of emu oil have not yet been identified. Pregnant and breastfeeding women are also not advised to take it due to lack of information.


9. Warm Water


Warm water helps the fingers to relax. It is also one of the easiest and most common home remedies for trigger finger.


  • In a big bowl or basin, place enough warm water to soak your hand.


  • Make sure that the temperature is safe and not too hot.


  • Soak the affected hand in the morning for 15 to 20 minutes.


  • Pat dry and apply lotion to prevent dryness.


  • Repeat this procedure daily for four to 6 weeks.


Warm water therapy is not applicable if there are open wounds in the hands and other infections with drainage.



10. Wheat Grass Is A Good Treatment For Trigger Finger


The natural use of wheatgrass is a good treatment for trigger finger due to its anti-inflammation property. Wheatgrass improves blood flow and makes the skin glow and white.


  • Crush fresh wheatgrass to extract its juice.


  • Apply the wheatgrass juice on the affected finger several times a day.


There is no enough reliable information about the contraindications of wheatgrass though it may cause constipation, appetite loss and nausea.


The pain and inflammation brought about by trigger finger is not a joking matter. The pain is too much and these herbs and remedies, with their powerful anti-inflammatory properties, will surely help ease and treat the symptoms brought about by the condition.


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