This Oil is Great for Thickening and Regrowing Hair, Eyelashes and Eyebrows

Castor oil is both thick and sticky, so it is not everyone’s favourite. Although it does miracles for skin complexion and hair structure, people tend to avoid it.


But, if you seek a cheap, all-natural solution to your skin and hair problems, castor oil should be your top choice.


In this article, we will show you some great ways how to use castor oil to improve thinning hair or treat scars. Moreover, you will learn a nice trick that will help you get shiny, soft and smooth lips.


Why is castor oil great for you?


The most popular use of castor oil is as a product for re-growing thin eyebrows and renewing eyelashes. If you were obsessed with plucking your brows in the nineties, you are probably looking for a ‘trick’ that will help you recover your eyebrows. Well, you will no longer miss your real hair or be forced to fill in your eyelashes with a pencil.


Look for hexane-free, organic and cold-pressed castor oil, as it provides the best results in the treatment of thinning brows and hair. Apply it to your eyebrows after you clean your face, preferably before you go to bed. You should notice some brilliant results. Your brows will be considerably thicker and maybe even darker.


 In which way does castor oil stimulate hair growth?


How can castor oil improve the quality of your hair, eyebrows or eyelashes?


Its high content of linoleic acid provides strong anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It also destroys fungi and bacteria that affect hair growth. Given that castor oil is super thick, it stops hair loss by just coating the hair and preventing any fallouts.


Omega-9 fatty acids in castor oil nourish hair, follicles and skin. Castor oil can penetrate deeply, and thus reach pores and hair follicles.


It is also a high-gloss agent, which means it gives hair glossiness and shine. You only need a small amount. Instead of smearing it near the scalp, gently rub it in the ends of your hair to keep them calm.


The handiest way to apply castor oil


Just smear two drops of castor oil between your fingers, then run them through your ends. Keep in mind that you can easily end up with greasy hair instead of getting a subtle shine. Start with a little less than you need to determine the right amount that works best for your hair.


If you aim to re-grow hair, use castor oil in your scalp treatment. But, it may be impossible for you to thin it out with any lighter oil, such as room temperature coconut oil, apricot kernel oil or other easily spreadable type.


If you need to thicken the hair at the edges of your hairline, apply a tiny amount of pure castor oil. You do not want to go heavy on that one, so be careful. Use a cotton swab to apply castor oil on your eyelashes to get them thicker and stronger. This will also prevent any thinning and shedding.


 Use castor oil to treat scar tissue and get smooth lips


Many have witnessed the positive effect of castor oil on keloid scars, probably because it penetrates deeply into the skin.


Due to its softening effect, castor oil can break down deep scar tissue and eventually smooth the scar. Moreover, castor oil is a promising stimulator of white blood cells. According to several studies, castor bean oil affects the inflammatory response in subcutaneous tissues. This is probably the reason why castor oil accelerates wound healing and also reduces scarring.


Smooth lips


Your lips need more care than other parts of the body. Even though they regenerate pretty quickly, your lips also dry out and peel.


Fatty acids in castor oil not only smooth lips but also protect them. Wonder why? Well, it is all due to its thick consistency, plus it will not come off without being wiped off. Castor oil gives lips natural shine, and you will surely love it. It is good to have your lips healthy and attractive, right?

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