The perfect home remedies for kidney stones

Kidneys are one of the most important organs in the body that are essential for the elimination of toxins in the body. Kidneys are responsible for the detoxification and filtering of impurities in the body. A kidney stone is a condition that arises when these organs are not able to carry out their responsibilities efficiently.


Home remedies for kidney stones are being mooted as the best solution for this condition that is known to come with lots of pain. Kidney stones are mainly attributed to genetics through hereditary and environmental factors; it is known to affect both men and women but highly prevalent in men. Natural remedies for kidney stones are highly effective for this condition as they are extremely cheap.




Water is one of the most important beverages that is highly sidelined but an effective home remedy for kidney stones. Kidney stones are caused by dehydration. Intake of water of up to 8 glasses in a day is highly important as it aids in dispelling toxins from the body through excretion. Water is considered one of the best home remedies for kidney stones as it will always guarantee better health regardless of the amount taken. One should focus on distilled water as it comes in its pure form without any minerals that could aid kidney stones.


Vitamin A


Kidney stones Home remedies will most of the time come down to the amount of vitamin A ingested from time to time. Vitamin A such as carrot is considered an effective remedy for combating kidney stones. Other sources of vitamin A include broccoli, pumpkins, squash, and sweet potatoes


Watermelon all the way


Watermelon is one of the best home remedies for kidney stones among other fruits due to its high water concentration. Watermelon is rich in potassium, salts and considered one of the safest diuretics. If you don’t like taking lots of water then this is the fruit for you.


Basil leaves


Basil leaves are also effective for curing kidney stones as effective an efficient home remedy. All you will need is to extract juice from four to five leaves of this important plant. You can add honey to it to add taste and ensure you take the mixture every morning for up to five months. Basil leaves as home remedies for kidney stones has been found to strengthen kidneys thus perfect for dispelling stones from the urinary tract.


Basil juice can be taken once the stones have developed in the kidney as it helps in dissolving them perfect for excretion with a minimal amount of pain. Many remedies are highly helpful in dissolving the gravels in the kidneys into tiny granules. This is important as it enables one to dispel the stones from the kidneys with less pain


Apples are one of the most important fruits as home remedies for kidney stones as they help in breaking kidney stones into small granules. Consuming the fruit while fresh is highly advisable and should be taken daily.


Grapes are also perfect as home remedies for kidney stones as they are diuretic containing good amounts of water and potassium; perfect for dissolving kidney stones. Its value as a natural remedy for kidney stones is enhanced by its low sodium chloride content.


Kidney beans are excellent home remedies to dissolve kidney stones, eating at least half a cup of them daily is highly advised. You will also need to pay a closer look at their sodium content to avoid damaging your kidneys.


Certain lifestyle greatly influences if one is going to develop kidney stones shortly. Eating too many proteins or acidic foods that irritate the kidney should be avoided. Home remedies for kidney stones are the way to go as they are readily available and can be found in one’s garden.