Surprising Uses Of Coconut Oil That You Never Knew

“Coconut oil”, sounds familiar? Yes, it is the same super ingredient that has adorned our kitchens for decades together. Most of us would not have thought much about it other than the aroma and flavour it adds to our food. But there is a lot more to it. Scientists have discovered various surprising benefits of including coconut oil in our daily routine. Following are some of the prominent uses of this superfood.


Cooking Benefits


  • Coconut oil has a high smoking point. This makes it a good candidate for high-temperature cooking. Unlike other oils which get oxidized at high temperatures, coconut oil remains stable.


  • Can act as a good substitute for your coffee creamer. Apart from providing a rich creamy flavour, adding a layer of coconut oil to your morning coffee increases your dose of energy.


  • Popcorn tastes better with the scintillating aroma of coconut oil. Toss the popped corn kernels with a coating of coconut oil to get a rich taste.


  • Adding few drops of coconut oil to fruit smoothies enhances the cholesterol-fighting compounds in them.


  • Make your baking episodes healthier by substituting baking butter with coconut oil. In this way, you can replace the unhealthy fats of butter or vegetable oil. The coconut oil can also be used to grease your baking trays


  • Whenever you look out for sugar-based energy drinks, choose the healthier alternative. A glass of water with coconut oil and chia seeds acts as a good energy booster.


  • Looking for ways to protect your eggs for a longer time? Seal your eggshell with a coconut oil layer before placing them in the refrigerator. This helps the pores to stay shielded from atmospheric air and thereby extending their lifetime


Health Benefits


  • Usually, the fats and oils that adorn our food plates are composed of long-chain fatty acids which are hard to digest and are harmful to our bodies to a certain extent. Contrary to popular belief coconut oil is composed of medium-chain triglycerides which are directly absorbed by the liver and converted into energy.


  • The medium-chain triglycerides in coconut oil have a therapeutic effect on various brain disorders.


  • People who include coconut oil in their staple diet have a lesser-known occurrence of heart attack and heart-related diseases.


  • Coconut oil increases the fat expenditure of your body and converts them into energy. This is due to the presence of MCT’s in coconut oil.


  • Coconut oil is composed of a component called Lauric acid. This helps control and cure infections when ingested.


  • The ketone bodies present in coconut oil help in reducing your appetite. Hence it can be used as a prominent component for weight reduction diets.


  • Occurrences of epilepsy in children have been found to reduce when introduced to the ketogenic diet of coconut oil. The increased composition of ketones in the body helps reduce drug-resistant seizures dramatically.


  • Coconut oil contains a high amount of good cholesterol contributors which in turn helps regulate the blood profile of cholesterol levels.


  • Alzheimer’s disease and dementia can be controlled by the consumption of a proper coconut oil diet. The Ketones bodies present in this oil aid in the energy supply for the brain which acts as an alternative to damaged brain cells.


  • Coconut oil can be used as a substitute for diaper rash creams in babies. This helps in treating the rashes without the use of chemicals on the delicate skin of a baby.


  • Application, as well as oral consumption of coconut oil, can help in curing arthritis due to its anti-inflammatory property.


  • The inclusion of coconut oil in the daily diet is shown to increase the absorption of calcium and magnesium by the body.