Start Eating More Iron Right Away if You Experience Any of These 10 Signs of Anemia

Anemia has turned into quite an issue these days, and it creates perfect soil for the development of many diseases. It involves a condition in which you lack iron, and your haemoglobin drops down.


This means that your red blood cells can’t carry oxygenated blood to cells, and you end up dealing with severe symptoms. Iron deficiency is one of the most common ailments, but some people experience worse symptoms than others.


Most vegetarians and vegans lack iron because they don’t eat red meat. Meat contains the richest portion of iron. Blood donors are also lacking iron. Iron deficiency is more common in women donors, because, remember, men don’t have to go through the menstrual cycle.


About 3% of all men deal with iron deficiency. About 20% of all women lack iron, and 50% of future moms deal with the same problem.


Iron deficiency symptoms


This condition cuts the supply of oxygen to the blood. Many factors can worsen the problem, and fatigue is one of the most common symptoms.


Chronic fatigue and tiredness


Do you sleep more these days? Do you wake up tired? Well, you’re dealing with poor energy and weak muscles. Boost your intake, and you’ll soon restore your vitality.


Headache, dizziness, lightheadedness


This happens right when you stand up. It’s because your brain doesn’t get enough oxygen, and you end up dealing with a nasty headache or just feeling dizzy. Some people even faint.


Shortness of breath


Do cardio and boost your iron intake to get back in shape.


Frequent infections


If your wounds take too much time to heal, your haemoglobin may be too low, so you should better increase your iron levels.


Cold hands and feet


Your hands and feet are the first on the list. Your circulation drops, and you feel like freezing all the time. Some people even have their nails purple. Boost your iron, and get cosy in your blankey.


Brittle nails


This is also a common sign of iron deficiency. The same applies to your hair. It will start splitting once your iron levels go down.


Rapid heartbeat


There’s a strong link between your heartbeat and anemia. If you lack iron, your heart will beat faster than usual.




Yes, cravings indicate that your body needs something more than what you’re giving to it. Sugar cravings are the most common, but you may also crave chalk or dirt.


Restless leg syndrome


This is pretty serious, and we all hate the tingling in our legs. Now you know the real reason for your condition.


Chest pain


You should never ignore this sign. Iron deficiency may not be your only problem, and you may be dealing with cardiac arrest as well. Consult your doctor immediately.


Healthy tips


Introduce healthy changes to your dietary habits


Eat more meat, eggs, fish, and leafy green vegetables. You can also try iron-fortified cereals, bread and milk. These foods will boost your iron levels, and bring your health to an optimal level.


Supplements also work fine. Consult your doctor before you do anything about your iron deficiency.


Remember, prevention is always the best cure!

Author: Abhista

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