One diet drink can stroke you up!

Once on a diet, most of us tend to avoid sweetened drinks ( like coke/sprite and others ) and replace them with diet ones. Thinking it’ll be better for our health and fitness. Well, think again. At least one diet drink a day can increase your stroke or dementia risk by three times! Sounds crazy right.

A team of scientists from Boston University conducted a study on diet drinks to find out that aspartame ( a low-calorie sweetener) and saccharine ( another low-calorie artificial sweetener ) can affect ones blood vessels thus leading to stroke or dementia.

Another study was done lately by the American Heart Association’s journal Stroke discussing the disadvantages of diet drinks. The study was done on 4,372 adults over the age of 45. Filling a detailed questioner about their diet, food, and sugar consumption, and after tracking them for ten years, the researchers found out the following. Those who had one or two diet drinks a day had a dementia risk 2.9 times more than those who had no diet drinks at all and risk of stroke 3 times more.

This study leads researchers to recommend people to drink water and milk instead of any drink containing artificial sweetener. Even though diet drinks may have a slight role with people with diabetes, their side effects will always keep them under questioning.

And here’s another shocking fact about diet drinks, instead of helping you avoid weight gain, diet drinks encourage obesity. They make you crave more sweet food and sugary products by triggering the sugar receptors in your brain. In other words, the open up your appetite for more sugar, hence more pounds! So for all of you out there thinking that diet drinks are not making you gain any extra weight, drop those drinks right away. After all, regardless of its ability to increase your sugar cravings, most diet drinks contain acids, and acids themselves are capable of bloating your stomach and causing you a belly! Where is the diet in that?

I believe that the debate about diet drinks and their side effects ( both positive and negative ones ) will always be active. There’ll always be people and researchers supporting diet drinks or even any low-calorie sweetener and others coming against it. Everything has its downsides that’s for sure, but why put yourself at risk in the first place! Go healthy, have some fresh orange juice instead, not only it’s tastier, but it’s also full of dozens of benefits.