Natural Home remedies for snoring

Basics that you should know about Snoring

Every one of us would have snored at some time or the other. Some people would snore in a mild manner which would ultimately not disturb others. This is quite normal and need not be taken seriously.


It is possible that we could have snored intensively (such that the sound is heard from outside the room) on rare occasions. This is also quite normal and need not be taken seriously.


By nature, men have narrow nasal passages compared to women and that’s the reason why men snore more than women.


Some people snore with the mouth wide open. This denotes that there is a problem associated with the throat and nasal passage. Some people snore with a closed mouth. This means that there is a problem with the tongue.


When Snoring is considered serious

When you start snoring loudly such that the sound gets heard outside the room you sleep, it is necessary to take it seriously. Also, snoring becomes a regular problem on a daily basis. This would result in your partner not able to sleep properly due to the sound and it would start creating problems in daily life.


If by adopting all different sleep positions, your snoring does not decrease, it means that you need to definitely visit a physician and take treatment.


Why Snoring is considered a problem

Snoring occurs when breathing gets disrupted due to contraction of the nasal passage and may result in obstructive sleep apnea. Due to this, you would not have a deep sleep and hence would feel tired the next day. Also, the risk of heart-related disease is quite high among people who snore.


Temporary Remedies for Snoring


Changing Sleep Position

Snoring occurs high when you sleep flat on your back. You can try sleeping on the side to reduce the snoring sound.


Using a thick pillow

Using a big and thick pillow can reduce the snoring since the breathing position gets changed such that air passage is normal. Using a pillow beneath your body can provide relief for some people.


Reduce weight

If you are overweight, that could be a reason for your snoring. You could have gained weight around your neck leading to snoring. Try losing some weight and see if snoring gets reduced.


Avoid Alcohol Before going to bed

It has been found that people snore more when alcohol is consumed before going to bed. Avoid consuming alcohol before going to bed.


Avoid heavy meals

It is important you do not have heavy meals before going to bed. Also, if you are suffering from snoring problem, avoid having dairy products at night.


Clearing Nasal Passage

You may also try clearing your nasal passage by using any nasal liquid.



Try gargling with peppermint mouthwash. This would be effective only if your snoring is due to the temporary condition due to headache, cold or cough.


Healthy Lifestyle

Quit smoking. Lose weight. Avoid Junk food. Do exercise daily. Drink a lot of water. Keep body weight under control. Have a good amount of fiber rich foods.


The humidifier in the room

Try having a humidifier and use it along with eucalyptus or peppermint. Run the humidifier for about 15 minutes before going to bed.


Natural Remedies to cure Snoring

Ginger with Honey

Extract the juice from ginger. Mix it with a spoon of honey and consume it. It’s a natural remedy that cures snoring.


Steam Inhale

Try inhaling steam before going to bed. This provides a curative effect on the nasal passage and cures snoring.


Warm beverages

You can try consuming a cup of warm water with one spoon of honey in it. You can also try having warm milk with a pinch of pepper and turmeric mixed in it.


Goldenseal Supplement

Consider having a Goldenseal Supplement regularly. This relieves congestion in the nasal passages.


Cure Digestion related problems

If you are having digestion problems, that could be a reason for snoring. Indigestion could be due to acidic problems. Consider having spearmint, fenugreek or those herbs that cure digestion problems.


Consume Vitamin C (Orange)

Increased consumption of fruits rich in Vitamin C like Orange cures snoring. It is better to consume unripe Oranges which are bitter in taste.


Green Tea

You can consider having green teas instead of normal tea with milk.


Hot Water Bath

In the evening you can have a warm water bath.



Yoga provides various exercises and postures that cure snoring


Exercises to stop snoring

Some of the exercises act as a remedy for snoring. Try practising the below exercises for about 10 to 20 minutes a day. This should be a remarkable improvement in a few days.


Tongue Exercise

Bring the tip of your tongue behind top front teeth and slide it towards the back. Do it for about 2 to 3 minutes a day


Spell Loudly

Spell the vowels ( a e I o u) loudly. Do this for about 2 to 3 minutes a day.


Tongue Twist

Twist your tongue and close the mouth. Hold in this position for 30 seconds.


Throat Muscle

Keep your mouth wide open. Contract the muscles at the back of the throat. Do this for about 30 seconds.



Practice singing for a few minutes a day. It is said to provide a good exercise to the throat and improve snoring problem.


When to visit a doctor

It is always advisable to address the root cause of the problem that results in snoring.


If you are able to reduce snoring by adopting the methods mentioned in “Temporary Remedies for Snoring”, it may not be a permanent cure. Try some of the natural medicines that are described under “Natural Remedies to cure Snoring” and try doing the exercises that are mentioned under “Exercises to stop snoring”. If your snoring problems get cured, then you are really lucky to be one.


In some cases, your snoring may not get cured whatever natural remedies you take or do any exercise in spite of leading a healthy lifestyle. Following are some situations which tell that there is no use of taking natural medicines. It is better to visit a physician and take the necessary medicines or surgery to get cured of snoring.


  • If your partner or the person who sleeps with you says that you snore a lot
  • You feel tired through the day due to improper sleep at night due to snoring
  • You tend to fall asleep at inappropriate times of the day