Is Garlic Good For High Blood Pressure?  

High Blood Pressure – or hypertension – is a condition that affects one out of every three adults.


It is a key factor that leads to more serious medical conditions causing heart attacks and strokes.


high blood pressure treatment typically involves a blood-thinning medication to reduce blood pressure. Unfortunately, however, people who begin this type of regiment of medication generally do so for the remainder of their life.


In an attempt to try to avoid this situation, many people are learning that more natural treatments such as garlic have a proven history of reducing blood pressure as an alternative to prescription medications.


High blood pressure is generally the result of several factors that cause the heart to have to work harder to move blood throughout the body. When there is a buildup of cholesterol in the arteries, for instance, this can result in a reduced pipeline for blood to move.


A diet high in sodium can also increase the load on your heart because it causes the body to retain fluid.


This problem can be helped somewhat with a diet high in potassium (vegetables, fruits, fish, fat-free or low-fat dairy products, etc.) according to Rachel K. Johnson, Ph. D., M.P.H., R.D., a nutritionist in Burlington, Vt.


But Dr Johnson also warns that consuming more potassium doesn’t mean we shouldn’t still be concerned about the amount of salt in our diets.


Obesity is yet another important cause of hypertension because the heart is forced to work harder to push blood through increased body volume.


Most people with high blood pressure may not be aware of their condition. It is often asymptomatic and can only be diagnosed by medical professionals.


Advanced stages of this disease may cause people to have dizzy spells, headaches and nose bleeds. Annual physical exams are encouraged to detect early signs of a problem, and your doctor can recommend lifestyle changes and medication if needed.


Natural Remedies For High Blood Pressure


An individual can and should ask his or her doctor questions about other, more natural alternatives to permanent treatment with medication.


Is garlic good for high blood pressure? Several studies have indeed provided conclusive evidence that garlic will lower blood pressure.


Garlic contains sulfur compounds and allicin that help to dilate the arteries and help thin the blood. It also contains other components such as magnesium that provide a natural blood thinner.


Garlic is a food substance that can not only spice up life but also improve health, including helping in the treatment of hypertension.


Anyone, however, who is contemplating the consumption of garlic or any other natural treatment as an alternative to medications, is always encouraged to consult with a physician before you begin.


Taking garlic for high blood pressure in its raw state is the best way to use it for any medical treatment because cooking can reduce the activity of some ingredients such as allicin.


It is worth investigating to prevent taking medication for the remainder of a lifetime.