Indications of Infertility

Do you wonder what the main causes of infertility are? You need to know what those indications are as soon as possible with the goal of natural fertility enhancement to correct your problem. There are a number of factors, some of which are:


· Inordinate behaviour during coitus


· Poor nutrition


· Depression


· General health condition


· Cultural and social conditions


· Endocrinology issues


· Lifestyle


· Emotional health


· Financial issues


These factors can affect both women and men. It is also important to know the difference between infertility and impotency.


When the man is fully potent, the woman may become pregnant during her menstrual period. Men have hormonal cycles too. A man’s cycle is not a fixed period like a woman’s. It is known that although he can release sperm at will the sperm quality may go up or down and may not coincide with his hormonal cycle.


A lower sperm quality will have a negative effect on male fertility and decrease his ability to cause conception. Age is a big factor in infertility as well so logically, advanced age decreases fertility.


In women, the primary indication of infertility is irregular menstrual cycles. You must be aware that irregular cycles indicate infertility and/or can also be warnings of other health issues. As an example body weight can have a great effect on a woman’s fertility. Obesity or underweight conditions can be a large factor in decreased fertility.


Of course, other factors can cause infertility. If, for instance, the ovary is twisted or misshapen conception is very difficult. Also, ovarian cysts can prevent conception. Nicotine and alcohol consumption can cause infertility and must be eliminated.


Considering the male, who may be infertile, can be a guessing game. A man’s physical stature is no indication of potency. A skinny little man can father children while a big, strong macho man may not.


Men also go through a change of life called andropause. As in women, this is a gradual decrease in the male hormone testosterone as men pass middle age. Some indications of this occurrence are:


· Excess abdominal fat and general weight gain


· Decreased libido


· Erectile dysfunction


· Anxiety and mental nervousness


· Lethargy


· Depression


· Too much stress


· Dry skin and wrinkles


· Hair loss


Many of these are age-related symptoms of  infertility


A holistic approach:


A natural approach can correct most infertility symptoms in men and women. Holistic methods focus on the cause of the problem and then suggest an appropriate treatment. There is no downside to this approach and no side effects.


Chinese medicines, herbs and acupuncture along with exercise and a balanced diet are used to treat the whole body. Holistic medicine has been proven to be more effective at enhancing fertility than other commonly accepted techniques.


This blog post is based on “Pregnancy Miracle” by author, researcher, nutritionist and health consultant Lisa Olson. She is dedicated to finding the ultimate solution to failed conception and to reversing the causes of infertility through natural fertility enhancement. She will help you become pregnant quickly, naturally without drugs or surgical procedures and significantly increase your quality of life.