How To Put Coconut Oil On Your Hair To Stop It From Thinning Or Falling Out

If you have decided to go raw and organic, coconut oil is probably the first thing that popped into your mind. It is the latest craze of beauty experts, and today it is used more than ever.


Coconut oil is a common ingredient in homemade lotions, sunscreen and soaps. Given that it works great for your hair, you may want to add it to your hair care products as well.


Coconuts are a sacred product in India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, Burma, the Philippines, and the Carribean. Women there have been using coconut oil and coconut milk forever. Have you seen their long, silky hairs?


Coconut oil has found great application in cuisines around the world, and we have largely discussed its health benefits, but how much do you know about the greatness provided by its topical application? Here are 6 great reasons to start using coconut oil today and get that silky, flawless hair.


  1. Prevent hair loss


Hair loss is commonly caused by skin inflammation or fungal infections. However, you may want to check whether you lack any essential nutrients. Healthy fats in coconut oil make it great for your scalp, as these fight infections and reduce inflammation. There is no better way to nourish your hair.


Add 2 tablespoons of sage oil and 3 tablespoons of raw coconut oil into a saucepan. Heat the ingredients through until they are well combined. Make sure you are melting the oils on low heat, otherwise they may burn and lose their essential substances. Let the oily mixture cool at room temperature. Put some on your hand to see if it is warm enough. Be careful, you do not want hot oil on your hair. Apply the oil onto your hair and scalp before you go to bed, and put on your shower cap. Rinse well in the morning, and style your hair as usual.


2. Repair hair damage


Coconut oil is your best option when it comes to preventing hair damage. It is a lot more efficient than mineral and sunflower oil. It is the only oil that has shown success in reducing protein loss.


Apply some coconut oil onto your split ends to repair any damage, but do not forget that trimming is always a better option, preferably every 6 weeks.


3. Smooth your hair


If your hair is frizzy, blame it on your dry scalp. Coconut oil is known hydrophobic, which means it repels water, but it also locks the moisture in.


Apply coconut oil on your hair for 15 minutes before you wash it. This will leave your hair silky and smooth. You can also use coconut oil to style brush it easily. All you have to do is apply a tiny amount onto your ends. When it comes to styling, melt a tiny bit between your hands and tame any flyaways and get a smoother updo.


4. Get rid of dandruff


We bet you hate those flakes on your black shirt. Dandruff is characterized as a chronic scalp condition that is caused by dry skin or fungi.


Coconut oil will fight the infection and thus solve your flaking problem. It is an excellent skin moisturizer.


Combine equal parts of coconut and castor oil. Gently massage the oily mixture into your scalp, and leave it on for half an hour. Wash your hair as you usually do. Do this treatment every time you wash your hair to treat severe flaking.

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