How to get pregnant

If you are having trouble getting pregnant have you ever wondered really how to conceive a baby? This question receives different responses from different people. The decision to start a family is more than romance and emotion. It’s common to feel anguish, frustration and pain in couples that can’t get pregnant. However, there are ways for improving the chances of becoming pregnant through natural fertility enhancement.


Many newly married couples delay having a child right away.


It takes time for the couple to get to know one another. Soon, however, the desire to start a family becomes a driving force, which is an instinct for most women. Most wives want to become a mother. It gives her a real sense of fulfilment. Even in today’s environment and economy, where the cost of living is so high, the drive for a baby remains strong.


Women need to know how to become pregnant in a natural, healthy way. The health and welfare of both mother and child are extremely important. Therefore I strongly advise reading the following carefully.


  • Women should begin preparing for motherhood months before delivery.


  • Holistic methods are necessary for mother and child for good health.


  • The mother to be must refrain from the use of any alcohol, tobacco and recreational drugs.


  • A well-balanced nourishing diet is so important for both mother and child during the pregnancy. This is because before and after delivery they are experiencing a stressful time.


  • For health maintenance adequate amounts of easily digestible vitamins, minerals and proteins should be consumed.


It is necessary to pay attention to some additional important factors.


  • One must have a thorough knowledge of one’s own body.


The time of ovulation and immediately following is the best time for a woman to conceive. Therefore, she must be aware of the time she ovulates. There are several ways to determine that time. Post-Ovulation Time (the Luteal Phase) is an estimate. This period is between ovulation and the date of the beginning of the menstrual cycle, which is most generally 14 days in most women. Her period starts after the Luteal Phase or 14 days following ovulation.


There is an alternative method to determine the time of ovulation. It is based on the Basal Body Temperature Method (the BBT technique). The temperature of the vagina is taken every morning using a specially made BBT thermometer. This temperature rises significantly during ovulation and can be easily tracked. Sexual intercourse during these times makes for better chances for conception.


  • When is the benefit of sexual intercourse the greatest in causing conception?


This is important to know since the optimum scenario is when the highest quality sperm encounters the egg at the time of ovulation. Fresh sperm should be available as ovulation occurs to immediately impregnate the just released egg. In some cases where problems occur the man should not release sperm for 3 days before the scheduled optimum day for intercourse. This information is very important in case you wish to become pregnant.


  • What is the ideal frequency of intercourse for the highest probability of conception?


It depends on an accurate estimate of the time of ovulation and the general physical condition of the male that determines the best frequency for intercourse. Some think that the sperm count and viability of sperm-drop if intercourse occurs too often.


Others believe that sperm becomes ‘stale’ if it remains in the prostate because of longer periods of abstinence. As a general rule of thumb, the couple should perform intercourse about every 2 days during the ovulation period.


A holistic approach helps gain insight into the whole body and reasons for not becoming pregnant. A holistic approach is a better way to solve conception problems. Chinese medicines and herbs as well as a healthy, nutritious diet, suitable exercise and acupuncture if indicated are recommended.


There are no adverse side effects and the chances of achieving the desired results are much higher. Holistic medicine has been shown to be more effective than conventional western medicine. natural fertility enhancement is achievable!