How To Break Down Kidney Stones And Kill Bladder Infection With This One-Ingredient Juice

When it comes to watermelon, as far as I know, most people prefer to eat only the juicy flesh inside of it without knowing that watermelon rind is completely edible. Moreover, watermelon rind offers plenty of benefits for your health.


95% of the nutrient value of a watermelon is in the rind!


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Watermelon Rind Breaks Down Kidney Stones and Reduces Inflammation


It is well known that watermelon juice can effectively break down kidney stones. Many people have reported that drinking watermelon juice daily helped them to break down kidney stones and eliminate them by urination.


An individual who suffered from excruciating pain from kidney stones for a few months claims that watermelon juice helped reduce his severe pain. He used conventional medical help in order to break down the kidney stones, but this was not an effective method and he ended up having severe pain. Then one day, he found out that watermelon rind can effectively break down kidney stones, so he didn’t hesitate to try it.


As he said, you will have to section a watermelon, remove the pink flesh, peel the dark green exterior of the melon, and juice the white rind with a low rpm juicer. This juice wasn’t as tasty as the juice from the melon’s red fresh, but it was very refreshing. It made about one gallon of juice. He drank the watermelon juice for over 12 hours and he was urinating many times during the day.


The following morning, he claims that he had no pain. He went to his urologist where he was told that he had no kidney stones anymore. He shared his experience with us because he wants to help everyone who is experiencing pain. He recommends that you should avoid toxic chemical analgesics which can cause many side effects. Don’t hesitate to try this incredible juice, and trust me you will experience significant improvements!


What’s in the watermelon rind?


Watermelon rind is mostly made of water. This is the main reason why it can help the kidneys process waste. Proper hydration can also lower blood pressure. Moreover, watermelon rind is rich in vitamins A, C, and B6, and is a great source of potassium and zinc. According to the Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, watermelon rind can boost the immune system.


Other Benefits of Consuming Watermelon Rind


Weight Loss


Citrulline found in watermelon aid in weight loss while the fiber helps you feel fuller for a longer period. Many studies showed that people who consumed natural citrulline managed to lose 30% more weight compared to those who don’t.




Watermelon rind contains lycopene that can reduce the inflammation that causes pain. Moreover, it has rich content of folate that can reduce the risk of colon cancer and heart attack. Due to its abundance of beta-carotene, watermelon is extremely beneficial for eye health as well.




Watermelon rind has potent blood and circulation-boosting properties, so this juice can be very beneficial for men with mild to moderate erectile dysfunction. Watermelon rind contains amino acid citrulline and it has a powerful libido-boosting ability. You should juice your watermelon with the rind and add half a lemon (with peel) and drink this regularly. This will improve your love life and your prostate health.


Treats Urinary Tract Infections


Due to its diuretic and hydrating properties, watermelon can significantly improve the function of kidneys and treat urinary tract infections. Drink this freshly-extracted watermelon juice until the symptoms are gone. Those who have a history of UTIs are highly recommended to consume watermelon juice on a regular basis.


Reduces Pregnancy Symptoms


Watermelon rind can be extremely beneficial for pregnant women. It can reduce heartburn as well as the swelling related to pregnancy. Moreover, it contains natural sugar that can even reduce morning sickness. If you have muscle cramps, you should eat a little bit of watermelon rind in order to prevent future cramps.


Regulates Blood Pressure


Watermelon juice has a diuretic nature so it can effectively lower high blood pressure. What is more, it can be beneficial for people with low blood pressure! It has the ability to regulate blood circulation and normalize blood pressure.


If you want to obtain its maximum benefits, make sure to buy an organic watermelon. If you have a juicer, you can juice the rind to prepare a drink that fights free radical cell damage. Also, it is very important to wash the outer skin completely for juicing. If you have a high-quality blender, you can also prepare a smoothie – flesh, seeds, rind, and all!

Author: Abhista

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