How Drinking Green Juice Every Day Helped This Man Lose Weight Very Fast

Do you like your body? Are you satisfied with your energy and the way your body looks? If you are, keep the good work! Most people are feeling tired all time and they don’t have the energy to go throughout the day.


However, by hating your body, you will not achieve anything. The first and most important thing is to love yourself for who you are no matter what. This is the first step to getting in shape and losing weight. By focusing on your goal and making some lifestyle changes, you have the power to do everything!


Also, we are not suggesting a crash diet, but including some green juices that will supply your body with nutrients, help you lose weight and improve your health in general.


What Is Green Juice?


Green juice is prepared with green veggies and other herbs and superfoods. To prepare it, you can juice green fruits or use green juice powder such as Organifi. No matter what you choose, it is good for your body and your overall health.


Green juices offer many benefits and can significantly improve your overall health. According to many studies, they can reduce the risk of various diseases and even premature death, reduce inflammation, protect your cells from damage, delay the ageing process, improve digestion and physical performance, and prevent different ailments including cancer.


It has been shown that people who consumed more than 7 servings of fruit and vegetables a day have a 42% reduced risk of premature death and 25% reduced risk of cancer.


So, you may know how beneficial fruits and vegetables are, but do you eat them often? To include them in your daily diet, try juicing! It is very easy and simple and you will supply your body with all the essential nutrients.


How Green Juice Saved People’s Lives


A lot of people have experienced amazing results by juicing green fruits and veggies. They helped them lose weight and improve their health in general. Just buy a juicer and you will enjoy all the benefits of juicing.


Typically, the American diet includes excess sodium, sugar, calories, and carbs. In other words, it is quite unhealthy. People are addicted to sugar, sodas, coffee, and pizza. To reduce your weight and save your life, you should immediately limit your sugar consumption and start juicing.


What Should We Know About Green Juice


Green juice can improve your digestion and provide your body with phytochemicals and essential nutrients. It can alkalize your body, by changing your pH and neutralizing acids in the body and preventing the development of serious conditions and conditions.


It has been scientifically shown that a body with a pH of 7.4 can prevent the growth and development of cancer cells, while a body with a pH of 8.5 will kill them.


Juicing and an alkaline diet can neutralize your body and prevent different health problems.


Rich In Micronutrients


As a result of the depletion of vitamins and minerals from the soil along with the constant use of pesticides, we are not able to supply our bodies with the needed nutrients.


Moreover, many people do not eat proper food which means that they need micronutrients more than ever. Fortunately, green juice is an excellent source of micronutrients. It is never been easier to get the essential nutrients! Just add a green juice to your daily diet and you will enjoy all the benefits.


Boosts your energy levels


Green juices are abundant in potassium, vitamin C, vitamin K and other essential nutrients which are very beneficial for your cells. If you need an energy boost, don’t hesitate to try these juices.


Great For Your Brain


By proving your body with essential nutrients, juicing can improve the function of your brain and improve your memory.


Improves Digestion


Green juice unclogs your system and eliminates toxins and chemicals from your gut. It improves your digestion and relieves different digestive problems.


Relieves Stress


Besides making you age faster, stress can cause various other health problems. Luckily, green juices can relieve stress. Green fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamin C and tryptophan which will reduce stress and help you relax.


Promotes better sleep


If your body is deficient in magnesium, you are more likely to experience insomnia and other sleeping disorders. Fortunately, green juices provide your body with magnesium and improve your sleep, thus prevent insomnia.


Promotes weight loss


As we said before, juicing will significantly boost your digestion and help you lose excess pounds.


How Do You Start?


First of all, you need a good juicer. Then, it is very important to pick the right ingredients. Use green fruit and veggies such as spinach and apples.


However, make sure not to stick to them every day. To make juicing effective, try to use different ingredients. In this way, you will supply your body with various nutrients. Keep in mind that all the juices should be sugar-free.


Also, you can try Organifi green powder. It will save your time while at the same time it will give you all the benefits of juicing.


Here are a few recipes you can try:


Needed Ingredients:


  • 1 cucumber
  • 3 celery stalks
  • A handful of spinach and kale
  • A bunch of mints
  • ½ inch ginger
  • ¼ lemon




Put the ingredients in a blender and mix well. Drink the juice immediately.


Check out this recipe as well:


Needed Ingredients:


  • 1 cucumber
  • 3 celery stalks
  • A handful of romaine lettuce and kale
  • ¼ lime
  • A handful of parsley



Put the ingredients in a juicer and mix everything well. Enjoy your juice in the morning.


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