Homemade Beets and Carrots Drink for Improved Circulation

Some of the first signs of low blood count are feeling of weakness, fatigue, and feeling sluggish. The lower your blood count is, the worse circulation you have, and as a result, you’ll feel cold during winter days.


What can one do to improve circulation and blood count? Popping a pill is always an option, but going the national route is a much better choice. The grocery store, markets and your yard is full of ingredients that can vastly improve your blood count and circulation. One of the best among them is a syrup with beets and carrots as the main building block, and several fruits to take things to another level.




  • 2lbs of beetroot
  • 1lbs of carrots
  • 17oz honey
  • 1 lemon
  • 3 oranges
  • 2 sour apples




Start by chopping the fruits and veggies into small pieces and then add them to a blender or food processor. Squeeze the oranges and the lemon to get the juice out, and at the end, add the raw honey.


Mix all the ingredients until you get a smooth beverage, with the honey being finely dissolved. Try it, and if you don’t like the taste, you can improve it by adding few more oranges to the mix. The sole purpose of the oranges is to provide a liquid environment and taste for the syrup.


Get a glass bottle, and fill it with the syrup. With all the ingredients, you will get approximately 2liters of syrup, which will last for 15 days and probably more. Store the syrup in a dark and chilly place. The drink is consumed every morning on an empty stomach. Half a glass is more than enough. After 15 days to 20 days, stop drinking it. You can consume the syrup twice a year for 15 days.