Home Remedies for Nephritis

Nephritis is a disease characterized by kidney inflammation and swelling. The condition can be acute or chronic mostly affecting children and adolescents. If left untreated, the disease can be very serious and sometimes even fatal causing death; hence there is a need to get proper treatment at the onset of this condition to help manage it before it reaches the serious stage.


Nephritis comes with a variety of symptoms among them kidney pain that normally extends to the urethra. Dull back pain, as well as fever, are also experienced by those suffering from the condition. Bloody urine, albumin and scanty urine are other symptoms of the disease. Some patients have reported having swollen ankles and feet and puffy face. The symptoms indicate an extended stage of the disease and if left untreated can lead to high blood pressure.


Nephritis has various causes but among the known common causes are scarlet fever, throat infection also referred to as streptococcus and rheumatic fever. It is also a disease that has been associated with wrong eating habit causing the body’s defense mechanism to become weak. Most people take diet for granted yet it plays a huge role in how healthy the body remains and helps in maintaining a strong immune system.


Whereas nephritis is a serious condition, there are a few natural remedies for effectively treating it. When used at the right time, such remedies work well in managing the condition preventing further damage. The best thing about natural remedies is that they are safe and inexpensive compared to other kinds of treatment. Some of the remedies have been in use for the longest time and have proved to be effective in dealing with the condition.


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Home Remedies for Nephritis


Carrot Juice as a Home Remedy for Nephritis


Properties: Carrot juice has essential minerals that help in the treatment of kidney conditions. It helps soothe pain and assists in the healing process. The juice is one of the very best home remedies for the treatment of nephritis and is widely used as it has proved to be effective.


Using Carrot Juice as Treatment for Nephritis:


Blend a few well-washed carrots to get juice and then take a glass of the juice daily. The juice can be mixed with lime juice and honey to improve the taste and is best taken on an empty stomach at dawn.


Banana as a Home Remedy for Nephritis


Properties: Bananas are low in salt and protein but very rich in carbohydrates. This makes the fruits very effective in treating nephritis. The remedy works very well in a few days and is also a good home remedy for promoting proper metabolism.


Using Banana as Cure for Nephritis:


Patients suffering from this condition should ensure that they eat a total of up to nine bananas every day as an effective way of dealing with the disease. This is among the simplest and most effective natural remedies for nephritis. The bananas can also be taken regularly as a diet to prevent nephritis.


Avocado as a Natural Remedy for Nephritis


Properties: The abundance of minerals and low protein content of the avocado fruit are the main things that make it a good home remedy for treating nephritis. The fruit is also in rich important fats for the body and helps in promoting proper digestion and absorption of food.


Using Avocado as Cure for Nephritis:


The fruits are best taken when ripe every day. Several fruits a day will work in treating the condition. Juice can also be made and mixed with mango juice and then consumed or made into fruit pudding. The fruit can be taken regularly as a diet for preventing the disease.


Grapes as Home Remedy for Nephritis


Properties: Apart from diuretic value, grapes have a high concentration of potassium-salt and water helping in the treatment of nephritis. The low sodium chloride and albumin content help in soothing the organs, thereby promoting proper healing. It is one of the most valuable home remedies for nephritis.


Using Grapes as Treatment for Nephritis:


Grapes can be eaten directly after cleaning or juice made and taken daily to effectively cure the disease. They are best taken before meals although they can also be taken in the morning on an empty stomach to allow proper absorption of the essential minerals they contain.


Coconut Water as Natural Remedy for Nephritis


Properties: Coconut water contains diuretic properties making it very helpful in treating the kidney condition. The water has proved to be an excellent natural remedy for the condition as it helps to clear the symptoms within a short period.


Using Coconut Water as Cure for Nephritis:


Ripe coconuts should be broken and the tender water drawn. The water should then be taken once daily as a treatment for the condition. Besides fast relief from the symptoms, patients will experience calmness, as the water has cooling effects. It is among the best natural remedies for the condition.


Linseed as a Home Remedy for Nephritis


Properties: Linseed has anti-inflammatory properties making it a good home remedy for treating irritation in the urinary tract as well as in dealing with the symptoms of nephritis. The herb is also widely used for the treatment of other conditions affecting the digestive system as well as the respiratory system as it is very beneficial. It is one of the best home remedies for nephritis.


Using Linseed as Cure for Nephritis:


For best results, the herb can be taken in tea form. It should be added to boiling water and left to cool before consumption. When this is done daily, positive results are seen within a few days of use.


Parsley as a Natural Remedy for Nephritis


Properties: Parsley contains various compounds and minerals which help in the treatment of nephritis. Apart from dealing with kidney pain, this remedy gets rid of other symptoms such as swelling of body joints.


Using Parsley as Home Remedy for Nephritis:


A few leaves of parsley should be added to boiling water before straining and drunk after cooling. This can be done once daily. Another effective way of using the remedy is extracting juice from the fresh leaves with the help of a clean cloth and consumed while still fresh.


Papaya as a Natural Remedy for Nephritis


Properties: Papaya has amazing healing properties found to work very well in dealing with nephritis. The remedy is one of the very best natural remedies for treating kidney conditions. The fruit can be included in meals as a diet for the condition.


Using Papaya as Cure for Nephritis:


The ripe fruit should be cut into pieces and the fruit is taken several times a day as a treatment for the condition. Patients should eat as many pieces as possible daily till the symptoms of the disease disappear.


Garlic as Natural Remedy for Nephritis


Properties: The anti-inflammatory property of garlic is what makes it a good home remedy for dealing with the disease. It works by healing the inflamed kidneys thereby relieving the pain and dealing with the condition from the base.


Using Garlic as Treatment for Nephritis:


Fresh cloves of garlic can be chewed by those suffering from the condition. It can also be used when preparing food as a diet for the condition. Another way of taking the remedy is crushing it and then adding the paste into a glass of warm milk and consuming it.


Other Home Remedies for Nephritis


Take a cucumber and cut it into pieces and add to your meals as a treatment for nephritis. Besides cooling the kidneys, cucumber has amazing compounds which help in the treatment of the condition.


Take celery leaves and add them into boiling water. After cooling, the water should be strained and taken at least twice daily. This is one of the most important home remedies for the treatment of the condition.


Another important vegetable that helps in the treatment of the condition is asparagus. It can be taken in meals or simply added to boiling water which should then be strained and taken once daily to get rid of the symptoms thereby dealing with the condition.


Prepare a warm bath and add Epsom salt. Patients should stay immersed in the water for at least 20 minutes daily as a treatment for the condition. This is one of the simplest natural remedies for the treatment of nephritis.


Another effective way of dealing with the condition is drinking Triphala water or taking its powder in water daily as a way of treating the disease.


Take a few radish leaves and add them to boiling water and consumed them after cooling. Juice can also be extracted from the leaves and then mixed with a small amount of water. The remedy works by increasing urine production helping in the cleansing of the kidneys which is essential in the healing process. It can be taken up to three times daily.


Prepare and mix vegetable juices to help in the removal of toxins from the kidneys and the body in general. The juices can be taken for ten days to get the desired results from the condition.


Take the root of wild yam and dry well before then grinding into powder. The powder can then be used daily in hot water or milk and a little honey added as a proper and effective way of dealing with the condition. The root is also available in the form of supplements.


Cleanse the bowels by drinking enough warm water daily. The remedy is best taken in the very initial stages of the condition as patients go through the juice-fast meant to also cleanse the bowels. This is one of the most important natural ways of treating the condition.


Diet for Nephritis and other Precautions


Always ensure that you take well balanced and healthy diet when suffering from nephritis. The best thing to do is first go on a juice fast for a few days which should then be followed by proper intake of a balanced diet.


Cut down on foods that are rich in proteins and instead take those rich in carbohydrates to help in the speedy healing of the disease.


It is also of great importance to take small but regular meals compared to a few large ones. This helps in allowing the food to get well digested and absorbed into the body, assisting in the healing process of inflamed kidneys.


Avoid taking foods made from white flour such as pastries and white bread.


Foods that are too salty and oily should also be kept at bay as they are known to aggravate the condition.


Avoid taking non-vegetarian foods and instead increase intakes of green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits which contain all the minerals and nutrients the body requires to maintain good health.


However, when taking vegetables, avoid taking large amounts of spinach as it contains salt known to aggravate the condition. Another vegetable that should be avoided is rhubarb as it tends to make the problem worse.


Avoid taking cocoa, chocolate and caffeinated drinks as they increase kidney irritation.


Alcoholic drinks and smoking should also be kept at bay during the treatment of nephritis.


Get enough fresh air and engage in light outdoor activities or exercises. The exercises can include walking at least once or twice daily to help in the treatment of the condition.


Avoid activities that are too strenuous as well as doing things in a hurry. Too much excitement should also be avoided as it brings more problems. Take balanced foods at all times as diet plays a major role in how healthy the body remains.


Enough water should also be taken daily to help in proper metabolism and to also promote bowel cleansing keeping organs such as the kidneys in top shape. The one mistake most people make is not considering diet and eating foods on impulse causing serious conditions later.