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Mumps is an infection caused by a virus and it affects the gonads, salivary glands and other body parts. This results in swelling of the throat and neck regions making it hard for an infected person to speak. It spreads quickly as it is highly contagious and patients in most cases have to be isolated to avoid the spread of the disease. However, the condition is very common and affects even small children. Although most people suffer from the attack only once, some will have the infection twice in their lives.


Patients suffering from mumps will normally notice several symptoms. The most common symptoms are headaches, fatigue, and loss of appetite, low fever, swollen glands and vomiting. Nausea is also another common symptom of the infection. Those suffering from the swelling may have it near the lower ear and jawbone. Men and boys may have swelling on their testes and girls will have swollen ovaries. The swelling of the reproductive system needs to be taken care of in terms of treatment; if left untreated it could lead to serious results such as infertility.


The main cause of mumps is a virus invading the salivary glands. The parotid glands are the most affected in this case and it can take two weeks after the infection for the symptoms to start showing. Dietary habits are also known to either cause or aggravate the problem making it very important to take care of the foods one eats.


When faced with this uncomfortable infection, there are simple natural remedies for treating it that are safe and cheap compared to other forms of treatment that one can choose. The natural remedies for mumps are convenient and have proven to be very effective in dealing with the problem. It is always advantageous to try out the natural way before deciding to try other forms of medication.


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Home Remedies for Mumps


Chebulic Myrobalan as a Home Remedy for Mumps


Properties: This herb contains anti-inflammatory and anti-biotic properties which work by relieving the swelling that comes with mump’s infection. This herb is one of the best natural remedies for mumps and is very effective in treating the infection.


Using Chebulic Myrobalan as a Treatment for Mumps:


Take the herb and rub it in water to make a paste. The paste can then be applied externally onto the affected areas of the throat to give fast relief from the symptoms. It can also be dried and ground then the paste made and used daily as a treatment for the condition.


Sacred Fig Leaves as a Natural Remedy for Mumps


Properties: The leaves of the sacred fig contain antiviral properties which work by killing the virus causing the infection. It also has anti-inflammatory properties thereby reducing the inflammation caused by the infection and it gets rid of any pain that could be present.


Using Scared Fig Leaves as a Cure for Mumps:


Heat some oil-coated leaves and then apply them to the areas affected by the disease. This should be done at least twice and the leaves secured for at least half an hour onto the area to offer fast relief. Daily use of the leaves will get the desired results within a short period making it one of the best home remedies for mumps.


Indian Aloe as a Home Remedy for Mumps


Properties: This herb has been in use for the longest time for the treatment of painful and inflamed body parts. The various properties contained in it make it one of the best natural remedies for mumps and has proven to be very effective.


Using Indian Aloe as a Natural Remedy for Mumps:


Take a few leaves of the herb then peel one side before applying to the mumps. The cut sides should be sprinkled with turmeric and the leaves then secured using a bandage on the swellings.


Asparagus as a Natural Remedy for Mumps


Properties: Asparagus seeds are very effective in the treatment of mumps. They contain essential minerals and compounds which help in clearing the swelling by getting rid of the virus causing the infection. This is among the best home remedies for the condition that there is.


Using Asparagus as a Cure for Mumps:


Grind the seeds of asparagus and mix well with ground fenugreek seeds. The powder can then be mixed well with a little amount of water to make a paste and the paste then applied to the areas of infection. Within a few days of use, patients should see positive results.


Ginger as a Home Remedy for Mumps


Properties: Ginger contains antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties which are essential in the treatment of mumps. Apart from getting rid of the virus, it helps in relieving pain and swelling that comes with the condition making it very useful.


Using Ginger as a Treatment for Mumps:


The root is best dried and then ground to make a powder. A paste should then be made using the powder and this applied thoroughly onto the mumps. The remedy gives instant pain relief. It can also be used regularly or added to food as a diet for mumps.


Margosa Leaves as a Natural Remedy for Mumps


Properties: Margosa leaves have important nutrients and minerals which help in fighting mumps. The leaves are also used for the treatment of other common conditions especially those affecting the digestive and respiratory systems.


Using Margosa Leaves as a Cure for Mumps:


Take the leaves and make a paste by pounding then apply on the areas affected by mumps. The leaves can also be dried and ground into powder before the paste is then made and applied.


Banyan Leaves as a Home Remedy for Mumps


Properties: Banyan leaves have healing properties found to work very well in the treatment of mumps. The leaves offer patients fast pain relief and eventually get rid of the swelling and other symptoms that occur as a result of the viral infection. It is one of the simplest but most effective home remedies for the condition.


Treating Mumps Using Banyan Leaves:


Smear the leaves with ghee and then heat before applying on the mumps. The leaves should be secured using a bandage and then left for some time, preferably overnight, to give effective results. The mumps should be gone within a few days of using the leaves.


Fenugreek Seeds as a Home Remedy for Mumps


Properties: Fenugreek seeds have antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties making them very useful in the treatment of mumps. This is one of the best natural remedies for infection and is widely used. The seeds are also used in treating other conditions because of these amazing properties.


Using Fenugreek Seeds as a Treatment for Mumps:


Take the seeds and dry them well before grinding them into a powder. The powder should then be mixed well with water to make a paste which is then applied to offer the kind of relief needed. The powder can also be added to a glass of water and taken several times a day to give relief. This is a good home remedy for getting rid of the swelling as well as killing the virus causing the infection.


Aloe Vera as a Natural Remedy for Mumps


Properties: Aloe Vera has anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties, which is why it is considered to be among the best home remedies for the condition. The remedy works fast in eliminating the swelling that comes with the infection in that patients see result within a few minutes after application.


Using Aloe Vera as a Cure for Mumps:


To effectively treat mumps, the leaves of the plant should be cut and the juice well applied thoroughly in the areas of infection. Besides getting rid of the swelling, you will get fast pain relief a few minutes after applying.


Other Home Remedies for Mumps


Take a few glasses of water and boil it, then allow a little cooling before sipping to relieve pain and get rid of the swelling that comes with mumps. This is the simplest remedy for mumps and it works. The hot water should be taken several times a day to get effective results.


Take hot fomentations and apply them over the areas affected by the mumps. This can be done at least three times a day to get positive results from the condition. After the hot fomentations, a cold one can then follow.


Soda bicarbonate can also be used as an effective treatment for mumps. Patients should simply take a pinch of the powder and make a solution using water then apply it to the mumps. It should only be left on for a few minutes before washing off and repeating at least twice a day to get the right results. This is one of the most important home remedies for mumps.


Brew tea using mullein and then dip a piece of clean cloth into the tea. The cloth should then be applied to the areas affected by mumps as a natural way of getting rid of the condition. It is a good natural remedy for dealing with inflammation and swelling that come as a result of the viral condition.


Instead of drinking acidic beverages, take lots of warm or hot water to keep the body well hydrated and to also get rid of the swelling. Acidic beverages are known to only trigger saliva productions making the situation worse.


Herbs such as Haritaki, Amlaki and Rasna can get rid of the infections. They can be ground into powder and then the powder made into a paste which should then be applied onto the mumps to effectively and speedily get rid of them.


Prepare vegetable soup and then drink several times a day as a way of treating mumps. The soup is best taken hot or warm to get the swelling down as well as the pain that may be present.


Take rice water and mix well with some ghee. This can be taken with a raw pickle of mango to treat mumps. The raw mango pickle can also be taken regularly as a diet for mump as it has proved to be very beneficial.


Take a few garlic cloves and crush them in a small amount of water to make a paste. This paste should then be applied to the areas affected by the infection to offer fast relief. This is one of the best natural remedies for the condition and is very simple.


Take black pepper powder and water and make a paste. Apply the paste gently but firmly to the mumps to offer the desired results within a short period. Black pepper remains to be among the very best home remedies for mumps as well as other conditions of the respiratory and digestive tracts.


Take clarified butter and then add it into the water before adding a little salt. This mixture should then be drunk several times a day. Salty warm water can also be used as a treatment for mumps as it has proved to be very effective.


Mix carrot juice with grape and pineapple juice then drink this several times a day to effectively take care of the mumps.


Diet for Mumps and other Precautions


Patients suffering from mumps should ensure that they eat a balanced diet whenever they can. The foods should include lots of fruits and vegetables.


Take enough water daily. If possible, it is important for patients to first go on a fruit juice fast to allow the swelling to go down. After the fast, only a balanced diet made of smooth foods should be administered to make swallowing easy.


Increase intakes of orange juice as it contains essential minerals effective in treating the condition. Oranges can also be taken regularly as a diet for mumps.


Avoid foods that are processed and refined as they only deprive the body of the essential minerals it requires to maintain good health. Only natural foods are advisable for those suffering from mumps.


Avoid taking foods that are acidic as they only make the problem worse. Alcohol and smoking should be avoided at all costs when suffering from mumps as they worsen the condition as well.


Stay warm and ensure that you get enough rest and sleep every single day to speed up the healing process. Patients who have severe cases of mumps may need to be isolated as an effective way of preventing the spread of the disease.

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