Home Remedies for Breast Tenderness

Breast tenderness is very an awkward situation especially while moving. It causes discomfort like heaviness, soreness and increased sensitivity of the breasts.


Breast tenderness is accompanied by the softness of the breast tissues which causes pain and you feel like your breasts are becoming heavy (increasing in size). Girls probably experience the breast tenderness just before their menstrual cycle is about to be started, during pregnancy, at the time of breastfeeding and after menopause. During these periods, hormonal fluctuations occur in the body that causes the breasts to hurt and swell.


Other causes of breast tenderness might be the fibrocystic (lumpy) breasts, diet conversion, pain in the shoulders and muscles, chest congestion, use of certain medications, smoking addiction, and wearing poorly fitted bras.


In some women, the breast tenderness is occurring just a few times and goes on its own. However, other women suffer lots of discomfort for a long period due to the pain and swelling in the breasts. So for reducing such kind of situation, we are here to introduce to you natural and pure home remedies to ease the tender breasts. The remedies are free from chemicals and made with natural ingredients so there is nothing to worry about any kind of side effects. Here are the remedies described below:


Breast Tenderness


Gentle Massage


Most of the time, muscle pain can cause discomfort in the breasts. Massage, in this case, helps a lot as it improves the circulation of the blood due to which the pain and tenderness go on over time.


  • Apply some amount of warm coconut or olive oil to your breasts.


  • Massage the breasts gently using upward strokes in a circular manner.


  • Similarly, repeat the process.


  • Do this 3 times a day.


Note: Always massage your breasts gently and never do a deep tissue massage.


Ice Pack


The cooling sensation provides a soothing effect and reduces the swelling. Ice packs in this regard are the best for alleviating the pain and any kind of injury or fibrocystic breasts as well. The cold temperature works to numb the breasts which in turn reduces the tenderness.


  • Take a small piece of cotton cloth and wrap some ice cubes in it.


  • Place the cloth over the breasts.


  • Keep the cloth in place until the cubes are completely melted.


  • Repeat the remedy 3 times a day.


Warm Compress


On the other hand, a warm compress also does wonders. Taking a warm bath will be beneficial to relieve the breast’s tenderness. You can also use a hot bag.


  • Take a soft hand towel and soak it in warm water then squeeze out the excess amount of water.


  • Place this warm towel on the breasts.


  • Keep it over the breasts until the towel becomes cool.


  • Do it four 4 times in a row.


  • Repeat the remedy at least 3 times a day to get rid of soreness.


Supportive Bra


Poorly or uncomfortable bra is one of the main causes of breast tenderness. So, when you are going to select the bra, always ask the shopkeeper to give a nicely fitted bra according to the size and shape of your breasts.


It would be good for you if you are not wearing a too-tight bra which has underwires. Always choose the soft sports bra or a well-padded bra without any hard underwires. Soft bras support your tender breasts.


You can wear a sports bra while exercising. Make sure about the size of the cups that it fits your breasts perfectly which means it does not pinch your breasts. Throw away old and stretched-out bras that are not enough good to support your breasts.


Evening Primrose Oil


Evening primrose oil is rich in linoleic acid that helps in making the breasts less sensitive to changes in hormones. It will gradually ease the tenderness of your breasts before the start of your periods.


  • Always apply warm evening primrose oil on the affected area and around the armpits as well. Gently massage the breasts using upward strokes in a circular manner. Repeat twice a day for better results.


  • Alternatively, you can take 500 mg of evening primrose oil extract daily for about 3 months. Remember to consult your doctor first.


Castor Oil


Castor oil has a compound known as ricinoleic acid, which has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. This is wonderfully helpful to reduce breast tenderness and pain. It also promotes blood flow.


  • Combine 1 tbsp of castor oil with 2 tbsp of any lightweight oil (olive oil).


  • Massage it over the tender breasts.


  • Put a warm cloth over the breasts for about 10 minutes.


  • Rinse the oil with lukewarm water.


  • Do this once daily until you notice the tenderness is gone.




Dandelion is helpful in reducing breast pain and tenderness. It is diuretic in nature and a high source of potassium which helps in removing the adequate amount of water from the breasts and body which in turn helps in relieving the heaviness and soreness of the breasts.


  • In a cup of water, simmer 1 tsp of dried dandelion root for about 10 minutes. Strain the solution then add a little honey. Drink up to 3 cups of this herbal tea once a day.


  • You can also consume this herb as a supplement after consulting your doctor.


Vitamin E


Vitamin E is good for treating tender breasts as it helps in regulating the hormonal changes in the body before the menstrual period and pregnancy symptoms.


  • Massage your breasts using vitamin E oil a few times a day.


  • Eat foods that are rich in vitamin E such as almonds, sunflower seeds, olive oil, spinach, avocados, turnips, mustard greens and beet greens.


  • You also have an option to take a daily dose of 200 to 400 IUs of vitamin E capsules to prevent the pain and tenderness of your breasts during the menstrual period. Consult your doctor first for the correct dosage.


Cabbage Wraps


Do not discard the cabbage wraps as they contain lots of beneficial effects for reducing the tenderness and pain of the breasts. Cabbage leaves contain a soothing property and sulfur compounds which help in reducing the inflammation and swelling afterwards.


  • Dip 3 cabbage leaves in a bowl of warm water for 5 minutes.


  • Now take out the leaves and wrap them around your tender breasts.


  • When the leaf comes to a normal temperature, replace it with the new warm one.


  • Do this remedy 3 times a day.


Adjust Your Birth Control Pills


Birth control pills contain hormones, which help in changing the hormonal condition of your body and may lead to breast tenderness. You have to change the pill if you are experiencing breast tenderness.


Consult your doctor for the proper adjustment of the birth control pills you are taking. You have to avoid estrogen-based birth control.


If required, go for a non-drug method before consulting your doctor.


Additional Tips for Tender Breasts


  • Low-impact exercises are highly recommended in this case such as swimming, and yoga (Surya namaskar or sun salutation pose) to help in relieving the pain and tenderness by improving the blood flow.


  • Avoid the food content like coffee, tea, wine, beer, bananas, cheese, chocolate, peanut butter, and pickles that contain a compound called methylxanthine which is believed to contribute to breast pain.


  • Sodium increases the water retention so check out the sodium intake in your body by a lab test. It causes swelling in the breasts.


  • Drink ginger tea or fennel tea 3 times a day.


  • Acupressure helps in getting rid of the breast tenderness, soreness and pain.


  • Eat a low-fat diet and complex carbohydrates. Eat vegetables and fruits that are high in antioxidants.


  • Drink lots of water throughout the day to flush out the toxic substances from your body.


  • If the tenderness is increasing, immediately consult the doctor.
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