Good Bye to Soft Drinks and See the Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green Tea is one of the god gifts for a healthy life. It contains that much of health benefits for our daily life. Comparing to soft drinks like Pepsi, coke green tea is not popular among all countries. Because it is tasteless. The people in countries like China, Japan live a strong and healthy life. The only reason is they drink green tea thrice a day. See the health benefits of green tea and say goodbye to soft drinks.

There are many types of green tea are available. The most popular green teas are Chinese green tea and Japanese green tea. Buy organic green tea is good for health.

Do not boil the tea leaves too much. Because it changes the taste of green tea. Boil up to 2 minutes is enough to serve. Many health experts highly recommend drinking green tea twice a day is good for health. In the beginning, the stage adds a little amount of milk and sugar for taste. Then After few months drink pure green tea is highly beneficial for a healthy life.

Health Benefits of Green Tea

  1. Green Tea helps to reduce bad cholesterol and improve the good cholesterol level.
  2. It is a perfect health drink to lose weight.
  3. Strengthen teeth and gums. It helps to prevent you from mouth odour smell.
  4. It destroys cancer-causing cells from the body.
  5. It makes your vision sharp and healthy.
  6. It strengthens your bones and prevents you from knee and leg pain
  7. Drink green tea twice a day regularly prevent you from cardiac and diabetes.
  8. Prevent you from premature or Anti-Aging look.
  9. It boosts your brainpower and improves concentration.
  10. It helps to protect against diabetes and boost your immune system.
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