Diet for Diabetes – The Preferred Cooking and Food Preparation Techniques

Cooking Techniques:

  • Low-fat food can be delicious and enjoyed by your family. The 4 healthy ways are boiling, baking, stewing and roasting.


  • You can microwave, broil, grill, stir fry, barbecue or steam food with minimal salt or fat.


  • Use non-stick cookware and cook on a low flame.


  • Replace saturated fat (palm oil) with monounsaturated fats (mustard, olive, rapeseed oils) and polyunsaturated fats (sunflower and safflower oils).


Healthy Ways to Prepare and Consume Foods for Diabetics

For Vegetables:

  • Cook or steam vegetables with little water, do not overcook as it will break down the fibres.


  • Spice up the recipes with chopped onion, garlic, tomato or lime juice.


For Fruits:

  • Fresh or raw fruits choice is preferred over fruit juice.


  • The fruit juice gives you only sugar and it has less or no fibre content. For apples and pears, do not peel off the skin.


For Milk Products

  • Drink skimmed non-fat or low-fat milk.


  • Consume low-fat cheese or yoghurt.


For Meat

  • Consume more fish.


  • Cook the meat without skin (e.g chicken), and remove as much fat as possible.


  • Avoid fatty meats like bacon, mutton and sausages.


  • Have egg white.


  • Add or sprinkle some herbs or spices to the meat (e.g garlic, ginger, thyme).


  • Avoid seasoning that is high in salt or sugar (e.g mustard, ketchup and salad dressing).


These changes are not an overnight process. However, “thousands of miles of the journey begins with a single step“. A small change every day can add up to a big, tremendous change over time. The more you can control diabetes, the less control diabetes will have over you. So start with the little change in diet for diabetes today!