Diabetes Symptoms – Are You at Risk?

Early signs serve as warnings and if you can take the correct actions then, you can prevent yourself from getting diabetes or progressing to a more serious stage of diabetes. Diabetes is not a painful disease at an early stage, so people do not recognize the seriousness and dangers of it. 


10 Signs You’ll Get Diabetes

Here are some checklists on the possible symptoms where you can identify if you are at risk.


General Diabetes Symptoms:

  • Feel tired and fatigue
  • Lose weight without any effort
  • Feel like vomiting
  • Frequent urination especially at night
  • Numbness or a tingling sensation in your feet or hands
  • Frequent leg pain and cramps
  • Injuries take a long time to heal
  • Itchy skin
  • Feel thirsty and hungry all the time
  • Blurred vision


The more you say “yes” to the above symptoms, the more you are at risk of getting diabetes. Other risk factors include a family history of diabetes and overweight. In type 1 diabetes, symptoms develop very quickly over a few weeks. In type 2 diabetes, symptoms develop slowly and are not obvious. The symptoms of type 2 diabetes may go unnoticed for years until foot ulceration or blurred vision occurs.


Despite some commonly known risk factors of getting diabetes, medical scientists are unable to tell why certain people suffer from diabetes while others do not.


Diabetes Complications – The Consequences to Your Health

Diabetes, if not managed well, can lead to the following disease or conditions:


  • Kidney failure: High uncontrolled blood sugar can result in kidney malfunction. The kidneys lose their ability to retain sugar and protein. As a result, the urine is detected with a large amount of sugar and protein. Once the person is diagnosed with kidney failure, he or she has to undergo kidney dialysis or kidney transplantation.


  • heart attack, stroke increased by 4 times


  • Affect eye health and cause damage to the small blood vessels of the retina. As a result, it leads to glaucoma, cataracts and retinopathy.


  • Nervous system damages which can cause a “pins and needles” or tingling sensation (sometimes this serves as the early diabetes symptoms too!) in the hands and legs. Other complications include carpal tunnel, bloating, diarrhea, crippling foot deformities, and impotence.


  • Periodontal disease resulting in loss of teeth.


  • High blood pressure


  • Skin disease: The person can develop brown scars over the shin of the legs due to abnormal changes in the small blood vessels.
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