Daily Foods and Vegetables Good for Eye HealthDaily Foods and Vegetables Good for Eye Health

A healthy eye is very important for everyone. It shows your confidence level to another person. Nowadays, children, teenage students look without eyeglass or contact lens are very rare. Because lack of healthy foods, entertainment related to computer games, play station etc gives more pressure to the eye. And also parents do not take care of foods in their daily menu. To keep your eyes healthy add fruits, vegetables, nuts in your daily food. In this post, I want to show you vegetables and daily food for eye health.

Good Eye Health Foods and Vegetables

Green vegetables play a very important role for good eyesight. It contains vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, calcium and vitamin B12. It is good for eye health and prevents you from eye-related problems. Especially drumstick leaves, spinach in Hindi (palak), dwarf copper leaf, spleen amaranth and fenugreek leaves are very important varieties of green vegetables to keep your eye healthy. Fresh vegetable salad mixed with lemon makes your eye vision sharp.

Vitamin A also improves the functioning of the brain. The first symptom for lack of vitamin A is night blindness. List of vitamin A-rich daily foods is carrot, liver, egg, tomato, papaya and green leaves.

Protein acids prevent form eye lens damage caused due to over secretion of glucose. Healthy foods like meat, fish and milk contain 8 kinds of amino acids to maintain good eyesight. Daily healthy foods like Rice, pea, beans, broad beans and black gram are also contained amino acids.

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