Cleanse Your Kidneys with Potent Watermelon Seed Tea

Most of us eat our watermelon and then throw the seeds away. Very few people eat watermelon with seeds. Most people spit the seeds, gather them, and then throw them in the trash can.


What few people know and understand is that watermelon seeds are even healthier than the watermelon itself. The seeds are beneficial for our digestive system thanks to their richness in fibre and other nutrients. However, even when we eat watermelon seeds, we do not use their full potential. Consuming raw watermelon seeds improves the digestive system and eases digestion, but they then go through the digestive tract and are flushed out from our bodies


To use watermelon seeds to their full potential and healing power, you need to ground, roast or cook. Cooked watermelon seeds can help with intestinal parasites, inflammation, and kidney stones. Most importantly, they serve as powerful kidney cleansers. One of the compounds in watermelon seeds, citrulline, helps to dilute the blood vessels, effectively reducing high blood pressure.


How to Consume Watermelon Seeds:


For kidney cleanse, start by crushing and grounding 4 tablespoons of watermelon seeds (fresh). Boil two litres of water, and cook the seeds in it for at least 15 minutes. You will get potent watermelon seeds tea that can last for two days. After two days, throw the rest away. Repeat the procedure for few weeks to completely cleanse your kidneys. However, after two days of drinking the tea, make a break of one day.


With the simple procedure, you can eliminate any stones from your kidneys and urinary tract.