Check your Health with HeartBeat

If you are suffered from any disease goes to the doctors, first of all, they check your heartbeat and then take further decisions or medications according to pulse rate. The same way you also check your health condition with heartbeat through wrist pulse rate. Irregular heartbeat shows there is a problem in your body. This article explains the complete details about how to check your health with a heartbeat.

Health Checkup with HeartBeat

The heart is one of the very important organs for total body functioning. So you feel the heartbeat in our various parts of the body. But many of us know that the pulse can be felt only in the wrist. But the pulse of the neck and, even in the legs can feel. If the pulse beats more or less in the body, there is something problem in your body.

How to measure HeartBeat pulse rate

Follow these instructions to check Wrist Pulse – To measure heartbeat Count the number of beats in 15 seconds. Multiply by 4 to get beats per minute.

Healthy young man’s heartbeat is 72 beats a minute. But the pulse varies depending on gender and their lifestyle. For a player, their heartbeat is 50 to 60 beats per minute. Most infants up to 100 to 160 beats. For small children up to 100 to 120 beats. For adult from 70 to 80 beats. But naturally while eating, exercise we feel little increase in pulse rate.

Excess body weight increases blood pressure. Too much cholesterol in the body and enrollments produce a large amount of pressure to the heart. This amount will not let them breathe properly. That is why fat people soon become heart disease.

For pregnant women, their Pulse rate up to 150 beats a minute. I know in those days there is no test to check may be the woman is pregnant or not. They confirm the pregnancy with a pulse rate. Because at that particular time the amount of blood in the body increases. Heart and blood throughout the body to work harder to pay off. It is very common. However, blood pressure during pregnancy will need to know.

If the high blood pressure in the body for a normal man then the doctor’s first question Are you a smoker? If it is then the doctors say to stop smoking. It is because of nicotine and tobacco, increased heartbeat. The normal blood pressure in the body, catching it, and so will increase the pulse rate.

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