Benefits Of Cinnamon

 Cinnamon is certainly one of the most recognized and well-liked herbs that are commonly used to enhance the flavour in many of our favourite dishes. Individuals all over the world take advantage of this great tasting spice to liven up a variety of dishes, making the aroma and taste quite irresistible.


The majority of people who use cinnamon, however, are not even aware that there are several potential health benefits associated with it. According to research done over several years, the benefits of cinnamon to our overall health can be substantial.


Dr Nicholas Perricone states, for instance, that “cinnamon stabilizes blood sugar for up to two weeks after eating just a 1/8 of a teaspoon, and it is also a natural anti-inflammatory, a natural antibiotic and has anti-cancer properties”. This is one reason why cinnamon is one of the spices recommended for weight loss (you may have heard the term “cinnamon weight loss”).


Sometimes referred to as a stimulant, cinnamon has been shown to boost brain activity by producing positive effects on brain function, according to studies done in Florida. Many have called cinnamon a true wonder food because of its medicine-like properties and its ability to cause a sense of alertness in those who take it regularly.


Other Cinnamon Benefits That Have Been Reported


In addition to these other benefits of ingesting cinnamon, it has also been reported to have helped in other areas as well, including:














Cinnamon Side Effects


Possible side effects of taking cinnamon include:


Irritation of the mouth and lips (maybe even sores from heavy use)


Some types can be toxic if taken in high quantities



Allergic reactions have also been reported.


Pregnant women are advised against consuming cinnamon in excessive amounts.


Though “ground” cinnamon – which we are all familiar with – is the most common form of this spice, many prefer cinnamon “sticks” for their longer shelf life, among other reasons.


There are lots of ways cinnamon can be ingested. It can be used as an ingredient in your favourite dishes or taken straight. Some candies have it as an ingredient, or you may prefer to add a pinch to your tea, milk or coffee.


Cinnamon can also be purchased in the form of fragrant candles, aromatic simmering liquids, incense and air fresheners – all of which create a welcoming fragrance in the home.