Allergies Remedies – Symptoms and Causes

Allergies Symptoms & Causes: 


Allergies are undoubtedly one of the most common human afflictions. It can be generally defined as an abnormal inflammatory reaction (by a person’s immune system) to an allergen. The exact cause of allergies is not known, however, it is evident that allergies occur more often in childhood and young adults.


Generally, each person’s body reacts differently to foreign substances and the symptoms of an allergic reaction are the body’s way of rejecting those foreign substances. Though most common household allergies are mild, more dangerous forms of allergic reactions exist that may be life-threatening. If this is the case, seek medical attention immediately.


Remedies for mild allergic reactions are widely available and if applied accurately can help reduce your body’s reaction to foreign substances.


Areas of the body affected by allergies include eyes (redness & itching), nose (runny, itching, sneezing), skin (itching, rashes), airways, and head.


Allergies Remedies:


  • Treat Allergies with Quercetin: Quercetin is a naturally occurring bioflavonoid found in many plants and is used to effectively treat allergies, including sinus pain and congestion. Quercetin acts as a natural antihistamine reducing allergy symptoms without any drowsy side effects. It reduces histamine amounts released by stabilizing cell membranes so that they become less sensitive to allergens. For effective allergy relief, take natural quercetin supplements


  • Treat Allergies with Castor Oil: Castor oil is a wonderful substance deriving from the castor bean. Castor oil is entirely natural and it contains a substance known as ”ricinoleic acid” which is medically proven to have anti-inflammatory effects. Adding a few drops of castor oil to your drink or even tea has been shown to help people suffering from nasal allergies and congestion. Make sure to get the all nature castor oil for your allergies.


  • Treat Allergies with Lime: Lime has been known to be a natural anti-allergen. Simply add lime juice and honey to warm water and drink one glass in the morning. This special elixir will help to eliminate toxins that may cause allergies.


  • Treat Allergies with a Hot Shower or Bath: Taking a hot shower or bath may wash off any allergens like pollen, dander and pollutants that may have stuck to your body and will open up your sinuses. This is particularly helpful when you experience a sudden allergy attack.


  • Treat Allergies by Rinsing: You can alleviate any eye itchiness or irritation caused by allergies by simply rising your eyes with cold water.


  • Treat Allergies by Keeping it Clean: Many allergens can stem from your own house as they continue to collect on furniture and other items and become airborne. Do a regular house cleaning being aware so as not to allow pollen, tobacco smoke or other allergens to enter.


Favourite Allergies Natural Cure:


Sneezing, runny nose, itchy and watery eyes–you know this feeling. These are common symptoms of allergies that are especially evident in the springtime season. Seasonal allergies are extremely common but prove to be a very irritating and disruptive condition. 


When seeking over-the-counter help, most allergy sufferers will typically experience an extremely drowsy side effect, while prescription drugs are likely to be costly.


There is an effective remedy for season allergies that do not produce the dreaded side effects like other drugs. Quercetin is an anti-allergy bioflavonoid found naturally as a pigment in various plants and fruits. It stabilizes cell membranes so that they will not absorb any histamines. In other words, quercetin acts as a natural antihistamine reducing allergy symptoms without any drowsy side effects and is safe and non-toxic.