A Study Reveals – An Hour-Long Hot Bath Can Burn The Same Amount Of Calories As A 30-Minute Walk!

After a long day at work, we all want to lie down on our bed, eat good food or possible get a glass of wine. Taking a 30-minute walk is not something that most of us would do after finishing the long, stressful day.


But, you know, maintaining our body in shape is the most important thing for our health. So, if you skip it day by day, you are more likely to experience weight gain and develop different health problems.


The great news is that you can forget about walking or going to the gym. Other effective ways will help you to burn calories and maintain your body in shape. It has been scientifically shown that hydrotherapy provides the same results. Taking an hour-long bath burns 130 calories and can keep your body in shape.

A nice bath isn’t only relaxing – it burns calories as well!


A 2016 study examined the effects of a warm bath on obese and fit men who either did 1 hour of cycling or took a 104F bath. Both of these made the body use energy. The group who did the bath burned almost 80% more calories than when resting while the group who did 1 hour of cycling burned 750% more calories than when resting.


This shows that exercise is still the most effective way to keep your body in shape. However, some people can’t exercise regularly because of muscle pain, stress or other factors, so bathing is a great alternative for them.


The health benefits of hot water baths


A warm bath can help you relax and soothe your mind. It is very beneficial for the skin and circulatory system and can significantly relax your muscles.


Check out the health benefits of a warm bath:


Reduces your blood sugar levels


As we said before, taking an hour-long bath before a meal can prevent spikes after the meal and regulate glucose levels. Even though the effects did not last during the entire day, they managed to prevent glucose and insulin spikes after eating. So, baths play a significant role in the treatment of high blood sugar levels and diabetes.


Heart problems


According to a 2015 study, people who regularly visit a sauna are less likely to experience cardiovascular disease, cardiac arrest and premature death. Saunas are also relaxing as warm baths and they provide incredible benefits as well. Even though further studies need to be done, the results are really promising.


Health benefits of a hot shower


Hot showers offer plenty of health benefits. They improve the circulation and relax the muscles, open the pores and clean the skin, loosen stiff joints and tissues, loosen the excess phlegm in the airways, thus relieving coughs and reducing stress and improving your sleep. So, after a long day at work, take a hot, steaming shower and experience all the benefits!


Benefits for the elderly


A study showed that elderly people who had a regular 30-minute bath in mineral water for 3 months reduced their arthritis and back pain. It has been shown that these baths are extremely effective for treating chronic pain and can replace massages and medications.


Even though taking a bath will not provide the same results as an intense HIIT program, it is still a great way of exercise for people who don’t have enough time to visit the gym. So, give it a try and burn the excess calories!

Author: Abhista

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