A cup of milk in the morning can be rid of sub-health

In the morning, the body for the absorption of nutrients is limited, the proposed food-based breakfast food fluid, supplemented by a small amount of solid food.

Water added is important, but the nutritional value of boiled water is not high and should be drinking milk. Human milk contains a lot of need for calcium, protein and vitamins, to meet human nutritional needs.

Morning drinking a cup of milk, the milk sugar lactose can promote absorption, increase peristalsis, reasonable breakfast is a glass of milk, the right amount of fresh fruit or vegetables, 100 grams of dry point (bread, bread, cake or biscuits and other carbohydrates higher food); middle-aged will have to properly control the intake of carbohydrates, an egg, a cup of milk or a bowl of congee, a small amount of dry point and vegetables; the elderly to have breakfast in addition to milk and other milk, can be more spur of the moment, noodles, shredded pork and peanut butter and other easily digested, rich in nutritious food.

Get up early and breakfast cup of milk, with cereal fiber with solid food, simple and nutritious. Can also be added directly to drinking milk, breakfast cereals, such as buckwheat breakfast milk, to meet the body needs dietary fiber and trace elements. Buckwheat-specific components of the softening of blood vessels, to maintain microcirculation, improve the modern “sub-health”, to prevent arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease and so there are health effects.