9 Herbal Remedies For Kidney Failure

Kidney stone and infection are common health problems accompanied by incessant pain. Although very common, many medications and solutions can help you prevent and also treat kidney failure. The best treatments are the ones that have minimal side effects and one such option is the varied herbal remedies of kidney failure. 


Herbal Remedies Of Kidney Failure

To safeguard and treat the kidneys, there are innumerable herbs that can help you get healthy and fully functional kidneys.



Scientifically known as Vaccinium macrocarpon, cranberry prevents urinary tract infection that is responsible for the occurrence of kidney stones. If you want to treat such a kidney illness then you can consume cranberry juice regularly.



The leaves of this herbal plant are known for their antiseptic nature; hence, having bearberry leaves can treat kidney failure symptoms such as cystitis. For best results, boil the leaves with water and then drink it on daily basis.


Bu Gu Zhi

Known as an astringent and antibacterial, it is an effective tonic that can treat kidney disorders. Also known as Psoralea corylifolia, it is effective because it emits an antibacterial element known as oleoresin.


Cherokee Rose

The pear-shaped herb that is rich in Vitamins E, A, and C, one can use the fruit or the root or the leaves of the herb to stabilize the kidney. While the best way to use the fruits is by drying them, the leaves can be consumed raw. Rich in fatty acids and flavonoids, the herb is one of the best remedies for kidney failure or any other disorder.



To treat kidney failure, make a fresh tea using the leaves of bilberry. The astringent tea, if consumed daily, can easily treat kidney disorders. For best results, one must pick leaves that are green and then dried and used.



Kidneys can fail when the toxins and the impurities cross a level and interrupt the regular functionality of the body; this can be treated by burdock supplements that can ease the strain and also enhance the overall strength of the kidney. Apart from treating kidney stones and other kidney problems, burdock can also treat bladder infections.



Used in most Chinese medicines for kidney failure, astragalus is an extraordinary herb that is known to strengthen the tissues in and around the kidney thus helping to get rid of kidney failure symptoms. The herbal plant’s most effective component is the dried root that can be used as powder, dried tea, liquid extract, or ointment.


Cordyceps Sinensis Or CS

Another effective Chinese medicinal herb, the CS is known to protect the kidney from toxins and high exhaustion level. Another great advantage associated with CS is that it decreases the level of protein in the urine that effectively reduces the risk of kidney rejection in case of a transplant.



Known for its positive effects on the kidney, Stonebreaker is a great kidney herb that helps keep it healthy and reduces the occurrence of kidney stones in the individual consuming stonebreaker regularly.