8 Tips With Ginger For Hair Fall

We all wish for long lustrous hair that will make us receive huge compliments every single day. Every morning becomes a stressful moment if we see strands of hair on our pillow or excessive hair loss happening even if we are gently brushing our hair. These daily problems make urge us to find the right solution for hair fall.


We try numerous shampoos and oils and other hair care products that promise us healthy hair in every commercial they advertise themselves in. but, for me, the best way to get healthy hair is by going the natural way. You may be amazed to hear that ginger comes combat hair fall but it is true. Its anti-bacterial properties, excess of vitamins and presence of anti-oxidants make it an effective natural remedy for controlling hair fall.


Hair And Scalp Problems

Follow The Following Simple Tips At Home To Stimulate Hair Growth And Have Healthy Hair Forever.


Ginger With A Mix Of Oil:


Ginger With A Mix Of Oil

Ginger mixed with a certain proportion of olive oil, almond oil, amla oil and coconut oil works very effectively for baldness. Take 50gms of grated ginger and mix 100ml of the oils mentioned above or you may mix grated ginger with any one oil. Boil this mixture on a slow flame in a wok for 10-15 minutes. after it cools down, store it in a container and massage it on the scalp 3 times a week before going to bed. Leave it overnight and then rinse off with a mild shampoo the next day.


Ginger Onion Paste:

Ginger Onion Paste

This mixture makes the hair strong and nourishes the hair from the root to the tip of every hair. Mix 1tbsp of grated ginger with 1 tbsp of onion paste and 5-6 tbsp of coconut oil and heat it gently. When the mixture changes its colour, switch off the flame and apply the warm oil to your scalp. Let it cool down and apply the mix to your scalp when it is still slightly warm. Leave this overnight and wash off the next day with a shampoo that suits you best. Do this thrice a week.


Ginger Mixed With Lemon And Sesame Oil:


Ginger Mixed With Lemon

The collagen property of lemon when combined with ginger and sesame oil boosts hair growth and prevents hair fall too. Take 2tbsp of grated ginger, 3tbsp of sesame oil and 1tbsp of lemon juice. Apply this mixture to your scalp and the hair tip too and let it rest for an hour or overnight. Wash with shampoo and do this twice a week.


Ginger And Jojoba Oil:


This combination acts as a very good conditioner for the hair leaving it smooth and lustrous. Take 2 tbsp of jojoba oil with 1tbsp of grated ginger. Mix these and apply them on your scalp or may also warm it and then apply them on your scalp and hair. Leave it for an hour and then wash it off with a shampoo that you use. Follow this tip twice a week and see dandruff in your hair also disappearing besides having hair growth.


Ginger With Moringa/Drumstick:


Ginger With Moringa

Moringa is loaded with essential vitamins like A, C, D, E and K. it also contains antioxidants that give you healthy hair. Take a handful of moringa/drumstick leaves, 1 tbsp of grated ginger and 2 cups of water. Boil this for 10 minutes and then strain the mixture. Apply this warm solution to the hair and scalp and leave for 40-45 minutes. then simply wash your hair with lukewarm water. Repeat this remedy twice a week.


Prepare a Mix Of Ginger, Basil, Coconut Oil And Cucumber:


Take 1 tbsp of grated ginger, 3tbsp of coconut oil,1 tbsp of basil paste and 1tbsp of cucumber paste. Mix these and gently heat for 3-4 minutes. Apply this mixture to the entire hair and scalp when it gets slightly cool. Let it stay in your hair for an hour and then rinse that hair with water or you may even shampoo your hair. Follow this remedy every week for at least 2 days.


Ginger And Garlic Mix:


Ginger And Garlic Mix

Being rich in sulphur, garlic also works well for excessive hair loss. Take 1tbsp of grated ginger, 3tbsp of coconut oil, and 3-4 cloves of garlic. Blend this well and apply it to the scalp and hair evenly. Let it stay in your hair for an hour and then wash off with shampoo because of the foul smell of garlic. This remedy will help you to have dandruff-free hair along with controlled hair loss.


Prepare A Simple Paste Of Ginger:


Paste Of Ginger

Take 2 tbsp of grated ginger and boil it with 2 glasses of water. Without straining the mixture, apply this warm solution to the scalp and hair and leave for 30-40 minutes. do thus twice a week to get healthy nourishing hair.

These are some of the simple tips that will help you to overcome excessive hair fall. Other than these remedies, follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly to have healthy hair and body.

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