2 drops of this in your ears and 97% of your hearing recovers! Even old people from 80 to 90 are driven crazy by this simple and natural remedy!

Many people say that they are experiencing auditory problems because of ageing primarily, but recently, more and more people have this kind of problem no matter their age, sex or race.


Auditory issues can be very serious for people and can affect the field of work like asking others to repeat constantly what they have said. You may also experience issues by not hearing the horns of the vehicles while you drive or walk.


Many treatments can assist in providing relief, but let us see natural solutions that can help reduce hearing issues in a very simple form. The main ingredient of the cure is a commonly used one, and that is garlic.


Home Remedies for Ear Infection

Needed ingredients:


  • 3 garlic cloves


  • Olive oil


  • Dropper


  • Cotton or gauze


Take the three garlic cloves and remove their rind completely. Wash them and then press them firmly to extract the maximum quantity of juice possible. Mix the garlic juice with the olive oil and put it in the dropper.


Put three to four drops of this oil in your ear. Take a piece of gauze or cotton to close your ear so that the oil can’t go out. Rest for a while lying down, so that the oil could penetrate your ear deeply. You’ll notice the results very soon and you’ll be amazed!

Author: Abhista

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