10 Foods That Help To Bring Down The Uric Acid Level To Normal

Urine is surely an acidic liquid but if you are aware urine too has a level of acid in its content. The urine is made up of the acids and toxic substances of our body which get released and cleanse your body. The uric acid is extracted from the blood and with urine it is disposed of out of the body. But sometimes, if our body starts preparing more amounts of uric acids, the level of acids in the urine would simply becomes high. High acid substances in the urine can cause various harmful diseases and get more dangerous. 


Thus it is very important to balance the acid levels in our urine and maintain the pH balance of our urine. This can be done naturally by consuming several foods and taking proper measures. If you are looking for some foods which can balance the levels of uric acid in your body.


Uric Acid

Here Are Some Of Them Which Would Work Miraculously On Your Body!


Lemon Juice:


Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is one of the most impactful ingredients which can simply work magically on your body. This detox ingredient would simply maintain the levels of uric acid and get your body regulated. Lemon juice is filled with citric acids which would balance the content of uric acids in your body and works as a solvent for the harmful uric acid. Thus, everyday morning, drink a glass full of water and lemon juice and maintain the uric acid level naturally!





What can be more amazing than water for bodily issues? This amazing element is filled with minerals and properties which can reduce the levels of uric acids in your body. With each glass of water, the harmful and toxic substance would get flushed out of your body making your organs and entire body cleansed. Thus drink at least 8-10 glasses of water to maintain the levels of uric acid in your body!




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Cherries are simple soothing ingredients which can have numerous benefits for the body when it comes to uric acid. Filled with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, this ingredient would simply fight all the bacteria and toxic substances and would flush them out of your body. It is a cool detox ingredient which can balance the pH levels of your urine and get your uric acid levels low. Consume this neutralizing ingredient for balanced uric acid formation!


Apple Cider Vinegar:


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Apple cider vinegar is a stunning anti-bacterial drink which would help in cleansing the body with just a little consumption. Apple cider vinegar is widely used for upset stomach and digestive issues. Also, it helps in reducing inflammation, battling bacteria and balancing the uric acid levels. Drink this herbal mixture of water and apple cider vinegar to fight the toxins and get your uric acid levels low!


Green Tea:


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Green tea is filled with anti-oxidants which would deep miraculously cleanse your body. Green tea is filled with a cool substance which can control the levels of uric acid and get your body a balanced urine pH value. The herbs and ingredients in this tea would simply work as organic elements which can fight bacteria and toxins while regulating your digestion!


Olive Oil:


Lemon Juice And Olive Oil Mask

This is a cool oil which has numerous benefits when it comes to uric acid levels. If you have digestive issues and a high amount of uric acid, you can consume olive oil which is an anti-bacterial and anti-septic oil which would never fail to get your uric acid levels normal. It would help in battling the toxins and would also aid digestion!





This is an amazing ingredient if you need to balance your uric acid levels. Chickpeas are amazing ingredients filled with minerals and essential fibers which would kick the toxins out of your body and balance the uric acid levels.


Vitamin C Rich Foods:


Vitamin C Rich Foods

Vitamin c rich foods like oranges, lemons etc are perfect for balancing uric acid levels. Vitamin c is a rich component to aid digestion and would flush out the infection-causing bacteria too. Thus eat such foods with vitamin c and neutralize your uric acid levels!


Dark Chocolate:


Dark Chocolate

If you love dark chocolate, here is good news! Dark chocolate helps in soothing the digestive system and also balances the uric acid content in our body. Inflammation and toxic substance can be easily battled with this delicious food! Thus go for a dark chocolate treat and balance the uric acid levels in your body.


Celery Seeds:



Celery seeds are amazing when it comes to body healing, digestion and inflammation. The celery seeds consist of fibers which are extremely helpful in solving the uric acids. Thus go for these seeds and maintain the uric acid levels!

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