10 Amazing Health Benefits of Mango

Mango is one of the tasty and delicious fruit in the world. There are 600 varieties of mangoes in the world. In India there are only 60 varieties are available. Most people’s favourite fruit is mango. It attracts huge fans by its taste. The health benefits and nutritional value of mango are more than its taste. Mango is rich in vitamins and minerals. Let us see the nutritional value and health benefits of mango.

Nutritional Value of Mango

Nutritional value per 100 grams


Calcium 10mg

Sucrose 14.8g

Fibre 1.8g

Iron 0.13mg

Magnesium 11mg

Potassium 156mg

Protein 0.51mg

Vitamin A 38mg

Vitamin C 27.7mg

Thiamin 0.058mg

Vitamin B2 0.057mg

Vitamin B3 0.548mg

Vitamin B5 0.180mg

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Mango

1. Regular intake of mango helps to prevent constipation and piles. It purifies your blood and makes your body strong.

2. It helps to strengthen your brain and boost your brainpower.

3. It cures nerves disorder for both men and women

4. It clears digestive problems. If you have any problem related to digestion then eat mango regularly before going to bed. Within a few days problem comes to normal.

5. Mango is the best remedy for night blindness and tooth problem

6. It makes your skin shiny and helps to prevent and avoid premature age shrinkage.

7. Mango prevents from vitamin A and C deficiency in your life.

8. It rectifies your body weakness and especially for giddiness. If your body is very weak then eat a piece of mango early morning in empty stomach.

9. For women, mango helps to correct the irregular period.

10. It is one of the recommended fruit during the period of pregnancy for women.

How to choose good mango

Well, ripped mango is best to eat. Unripe mango is not good for eat and creates some troubles like fever, headache, vomit, indigestion etc.


Mango is a natural tendency to increase body temperature. So keep it a limit. Women do not eat mango during the menstrual period.

Health Tips of the day

Mango is one of the best fruit to eat after food. To decrease the regular intake quantity of food and add mango after food. It helps to lose weight and makes you fit and healthy.